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Everyone has it, or at least everyone should have it if they are to get through the daily grind. Those already AT their Golden Place are obvious exceptions, but soon they find that the Golden Place is elsewhere and they must move on.

Put simply, the Golden place is the location you most wish you could be on any map of any kind of space at any particular time. It usually has some set of defining characteristics that allow it to be identifiable. (therefore "Anywhere but Here" isn't a Golden Place)

Mine is lying on deckchair on a sunny beach somewhere with a cool drink, fifty beautiful willing women, and a small team of highly trained experts constantly working out new and interesting ways they can be nice to me. To those who say that this is taken from the HitchHiker, I would say that unlike Zaphod, I personally know the women I want and am real. :-) I am also searching holiday catalogues for the beach, and interviewing people for the small team of highly trained experts. /msg me . Anyway, to get back to the point, this all stresses the need to take steps to achieve the Golden Place every single day, if for no other reason than to give you something to look forward to on the ride home.

A Golden place is usually achievable, interesting, expressive, and reflects some sort of personal ideal. It doesn't have to be permanent, but it does have to be nice. It has to be identifiable to yourself and others, eg the beach on the pacific at the end of Shawshank redemption, or 2nd Dan black belt in the way you move. Etc etc. You get the idea, no need to labour the point.

Better ideas for a Golden Place will be warmly accepted, criticisms of my own Golden Place will not. ;-)

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