How can it be that one who hath nothing, neither raiment, nor house, nor home, nor bodily tendency, nor servant, nor city, should yet live tranquil and contented?

Behold God hath sent you a man to show you in act and deed that it may be so. Behold me! I have neither house nor possessions nor servants: the ground is my couch; I have no wife, no children, no shelter--nothing but earth and sky, and one poor cloak. And what lack I yet? am I not untouched by sorrow, by fear? am I not free? . . . when have I laid anything to the charge of God or Man? when have I accussed any? hath any of you seen me with a sorrowful countenance? And in what wise treat I those of whom you who stand in fear and awe? Is it not as slaves?

Who when he seeth me doth not think that he beholdeth his Master and his King?

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