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I am a slave to The Great Claw. Many people say NO NO NO do not waste 50 cents in that stupid machine. It is always just loose change to me anyways. I know that that stuffed animal or cheasy gold watch is worth a 1/100th of what I will end up paying for it, but I am a slave. Whenever there is a dollar in my pocket I will be there. The Claw Machine is one of the greatest impulse spending machines in the world. It is my slot machine. Thus I will pass a few tips for your next trip to The Great Claw.

1. Be calm and be prepared.

2. Choose your object of all desires, atleast for that moment.

3. Be sure you do not NEED anything before you feed the claw your money(optional).

3. First move is to get the item unstuck. The stockers of these machines are excellent at packing the animals in tight.

4. First unbuge the animal and try to get all limbs free.There went 50 cents.

5. Second try to pick it up if it is small enough. Most claws are not strong enough to pick up large animals so try to just move it to the drop point. This usually requires aiming for one limb and just scooting it to the edge. WHOA! Another 50 cents gone.

6. Finally just nudge it over the edge. Total cost: $1.50!

Yes, the stuffed animal is only worth 5 cents but one gains an actual sense of accomplishment from beating the claw. Finally keep in mind your loved will always be impressed with your skill and cunning talent when they recieve one of the animals and you might even get lucky.

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