The Masters

Charles and Tom and Leo
Are crashing at my house tonight.
I’m wiggling and wet for the First Time
Feeling virginity in my longings.
The bloody barbeque voices
Tickling turning
Beneath my tummy.
It’s a night of climactic words
And multiple phrases.

I think Charles needs to change his underwear.
I caught him trying to look at mine
In my pink clothes hamper.
I said ‘why don’t I just show you the pair I’m wearing’
and his face turned naughty joke filthy
excusing himself all over my bathroom sink.

This. While Tom’s pissed because
‘the stupid little bitch never keeps enough wild i. around.’
And he’s talking some carnival number up while
Glancing between my legs, looking for my grail
and I tell
Him to look next to him in the drawer. He pulls out
an unopened pint of i. taped
To Polaroid’s of my pussy.
He takes it all into a closet, running dog with treasure.

Leo sits by bored, his way.
smoking cigarettes,
the scotch still his first.
And smartly, scratchy, he says Hey Sweety
Why don’t we go to bed.’

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