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Custom Made Scare's first full-length release. 19 minutes of fast, loud cowpunk. Excellent music to wake up, work, or drive to.

The lyrics are straight out of the trailer park, with that blend of anger and angst that epitomizes white trash culture. Peterbilt looks at love through the eyes of a trucker, Wayside is a fine addition to the American catalog of songs about doing time, White and Lazy rebukes the defeatist attitude of white trash. All this smart social commentary, set to music that rocks very, very hard.

  1. Peterbilt
  2. Wayside
  3. White and Lazy
  4. 5 O'Clock
  5. Wake Up And Smell The Gunpowder
  6. Sick, Sober & Sorry
  7. White Trash Girl
  8. Texas Didn't Wreck Us
  9. Stupid Fuck
  10. Cud
  11. Down With El Diablo

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