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I was playing pool with some buddies one evening when it happened. A nervous man sat at the bar with his wife drinking sodas. He was trembling, and sweat was running down his face. The owner of the pool hall recognized him as a regular patron, and sensed that something was up. She also knew he drove a white pickup truck, and noticed a swarm of police officers around a similar truck across the street. When she asked if it was his truck: he got startled, he mumbled something incoherent, and bolted out of the pool hall with his wife in tow.

Not being in the mood to be surrounded by drama, my friends and I left. Upon leaving, we couldn't help but notice the large swarm of police officers inspecting the truck. Nor could we ignore the large crowd of on-lookers gawking from just outside the pool hall. We asked what was up, and learned that a lady had been jay walking a block away when the truck hit her; and that the police were still trying to track down the owner of the truck. The lady died within 5 minutes of being hit, which makes sense since the road she was crossing has a speed limit of 45 MPH, and seems like a stupid place to bolt out in front of the heavy flow of oncoming traffic. I really wonder what she was thinking when she did that. I wonder what drama preceded her death that drove her to such irrationality.

An hour later my friends and I returned out of curiosity and were informed that the driver had been caught and taken to jail.

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