To add a bit of levity here at work, we have a persistent gag game we play called "The Hole Game". It basically consists of people making a hole with their thumb and pointer finger and enticing other people to look at it. Generally you hold the hole about waste high, and say, "Hey look at this," and see who you get. There are lots of variations on the standard sucker and the rules are created on the fly Calvinball style. The only immutable rules are that the hole must be made before the enticement, and that the hole cannot be hidden.

My best get so far was in a meeting with a couple of clients and a coworker. My coworker was sitting across from me, and we'd talked during a break about how the client was constantly scratching his nuts during the meeting. The client started scratching, I made the hole, and slightly motioned over toward the client with the tip of my head. As my coworker scanned over to look at the client there was the hole halfway between. My coworker seized up desperately trying to suppress a laugh, excused himself and left the meeting to ROTFL in the bathroom.

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