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1991 indie film written and directed by Christopher Munch about the trip Brian Epstein and John Lennon took to Barcelona, Spain in 1963. The four-day vacation occurred a few weeks after Julian Lennon was born, and a few months before the world was infected with Beatlemania. There has been much speculation about what went on between the homosexual manager and the future rock icon during the actual trip. That since John Lennon repeatedly changed his story only adds to the mystery. There is no record of Brian Epstein's account, as far as I know, so the world will never know the truth.

Shot in black and white, and running just short of an hour, this is a tiny film. John Lennon is played by Ian Hart, who would reprise the roll in Backbeat. Most of the action, which is purely hypothetical, takes place in a hotel room where Epstein and Lennon banter and discuss the extent of their relationship. Only four other actors appear, one of whom is only Brian Epstein's mother on the phone. This is one of my top films, and was my absolute favorite for many years, but I would not recommended it to anyone who dislikes sparse movies.

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