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The Howling was also a excellent werewolf movie. It was directed by Joe Dante and came out in 1980.

It was humerous and had some spectacularly violent and gory scenes. For its time the makeup and transformation special effects were quite good for the time. It was released just 5 months before "An American Werewolf In London"

In the story Karen White, goes on a retreat after a traumatic incident with a serial killer. But is she really safe? And what should she fear more: regaining her memory or the creepy residents of "The Colony"?

Dee Wallace-Stone .... Karen White
Patrick Macnee .... Dr. George Waggner
Dennis Dugan .... Chris
Christopher Stone (I) .... R. William (Bill) Neill
Belinda Balaski .... Terry Fisher
Kevin McCarthy .... Fred Francis
John Carradine .... Erle Kenton
Slim Pickens .... Sam Newfield

It spawned several sequels as well but they didn't match the -> original nor were they connected in terms of story.

info taken from Internet Movie Database (www.imdb.com)

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