The Initiative is a US Military group that captures and kills hostiles, or in other words vampires, demons and other evil creatures in Buffy the Vampire Slayer.

Riley, buffy's boyfriend is a leader of this group, and is also the teacher aide to buffy's psychology teacher, Professor Walsh. Professor Walsh also happens to be the leader of The Initiative.

The Initiative has a high level of weaponry and attempts to make hostiles harmless. In the case of spike, buffy's former enemy, he was captured and operated on. This operation inserted a chip into his head so that whenever he attempts to attack a human he receives a huge amount of pain. However, in the episode doomed, he realised that he could hurt demons thus ceased attempts at suicide, ie staking himself.

The Slayer and The Initiative now work hand in hand to prevent the frequent attempts at ending the world, by the forces of chaos.

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