this was the best State sketch ever IMHO. right up there with i wanna dip my balls in it.

theme song begins:
The Jew, The Italian and the Redhead Gay
We all live together on Avenue A
We each see the world in our own way
The Jew!
The Italian!
and The Redhead Gay!

scene opens in an apartment with The Jew sitting on the couch looking over some papers, wearing a yarmulke. The Italian enters carrying a bag of groceries, his shirt is unbuttoned revealing a gold chain.
The Jew: c'mon Ken, it's the end of the month. we need the money for the rent. where's the money!?
The Italian: I'm sorry Dave. I spent it all on pasta. I'm gonna make a big tomato sauce.

The Redhead Gay enters from another room carrying some tassles and fabric samples, wearing a pink shirt
The Redhead Gay; Awwww, I would help you with that Ken but I'm busy picking out these pretty curtain patterns for the apartment.
The Jew: throws down pen Fine! I'm gonna go get some bagels I guess.
The Redhead Gay: Ok, toodle-doo shnookums!
The Italian: All right Dave. Arrivederci!

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