"Who do you think you are?" asked the soldier, lunging at Him.

He stepped to the side and the soldier swept past. "I am," He said.

"Don't get impudent with me," said the soldier, once again leaping forward.

His palm pushed aside the spear, leaving the soldier again past his mark.

This wasn't the sight I expected when I came today. But just at that moment, the soldier's spear pierced flesh. He was pinned to the ground, but no blood came forth.

"Tell me your name before I dispatch you."

"It is YHWH," was the reply.

"Whatever. You may be fast, but I'm faster."

YHWH shifted under the spear, and another version of Him materialized beside His body, even as His former body faded away.

"What kind of trickery is this?"

"You think you can defeat me, but this is my world," He said.

The soldier gathered the strength of a thousand men and leapt high into the air, spear on fire. I was surprised he had such power within him. Were they both wizards?

The soldier flew down, but YHWH sidestepped him again. With a wave of His hand, the soldier's spear dissipated.

YHWH turned His back and continued on. Everything behind Him faded into oblivion, or perhaps into some kind of murky fog of existence. I couldn't tell what happened to the soldier but I had to follow Him.

The crowd carried me forward anyway, amazed at what they had witnessed today.

YHWH made his way up the long flight of marble stairs toward the palace. Only a few of us were brave enough to follow, for it was forbidden. We'd seen countless unfortunate souls among us cut down as they tried to climb the stairs, but YHWH was not afraid.

Unfortunately something happened on His way to the top. He hestitated for a moment, shouted, "Aw Mom, gimme a second!" and we knew something terrible was about to happen.

"I must leave you," He said. "I'll be back to resurrect those of you who fall today, do not worry."

Even as His body slowly rose towards the heavens, we could hear His voice booming down at us. "Remember, nothing can hurt you unless you allow it."

The sun shone forth from behind Him until He was gone in a blinding flash of light, leaving us alone on the palace stairs.

We'd better get the hell out of there.

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