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Within Michelle Gamburd's ethnography she describes in great detail the current situations and relationships between the Sri Lankan Migrant Housemaids. She brings up such ideas as Marxist theory, Feminism and Structure and Agency to support her findings and also brings in many valuable facts and statistics. Her book looks also into the familial relationships deteriorating due to the mothers being gone for such extended periods. Global capitalism is shown to impact the gender roles so much yet there is a little being done to change anything in regards to the males. Hence the females are the ones leaving to be the breadwinners while the males become alcoholics.

I enjoyed the straightforward nature of Gamburd’s work. And thought it gave a clear and elaborate definition of the changes taking place in Sri Lanka and throughout South Asia. You could also definitely tell that she did her homework when it came to this paper, and it shows in the data used to support her conjectures. There were some minor points within this work that I thought could have been more consice however, and some of the examples I felt were rather long winded without really proving her point. But on the other hand she did set out to explain a lot, and had to devote her time to many diverse subjects which I never would have even considered.

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