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A fine drinking establishment in San Antonio, Texas near the Alamo Quarry. The lab is best known (and rightly so) for their selection of incredible house brewed beers. At any given time throughout the year they have at least 4 or 5 available, depending on the season. For instance, in autumn they brew a Pumpkin Ale, which is much, much better than it sounds. In the winter months they produce the awe-inspiring Calibration Ale, which is a dark beer with an alcohol content roughly twice that of a normal brew. However, it is in the spring and summer that they bring out the Javelina Jefe Weissen, which is truly one of the greatest substances I have ever had the pleasure of pouring down my ravenous gullet.

The best way to experience these beers is with a Big-Ass Glass, which is a special Pilsner glass that you can buy at the bar for $6. You can get a B.A.G. refilled with any of their beers on tap for the low, low price of $2.50.

The Lab has both an indoor and outdoor stage, and on a typical weekend evening has a live band on the indoor stage, and a DJ playing dance music on the outdoor. They also operate a kitchen until about 9 or 10 pm, where you can get a variety of deep fried delicacies.

Two great things to do at the lab:
1)See Skunkweed live on the indoor stage on a hot summer night, waving your Big Ass Glass full of Jefe proudly in the air to a rousing Irish drinking song.
2)Sit outside on a cold winter night around one of the open fire-pits, drinking a Calibration Ale and smoking a cigar with your best friends.

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