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I think I am addicted to the learning channel. I have been watching it for the past five hours. I can't even tear myself away from the damn telveision to come and log on to everything2. This is when I know things are bad!!! I am not joking about this either. I find that I cannot tear myself away from any TLC show revolving around Paramedics, Trauma: Life in the ER, Critical Incident, or Emergency Trauma. I will sit in front of the television, and watch the blood, the gore and the "adrenaline rush" of these shows, in hopes of picking up every juicy medical detail: how to take blood pressure, what the numbers mean, places you can actually insert an IV, how a skin graph works, terminology used in the ER, and surgeries. It all amazes me. I want to learn how to do it, I want to know it all, I want to do surgery. Today was a special day though. Today, I learned about thee trauma center of the country: University of Maryland Shock Trauma Center. This is where the BIG DOGS work. And I mean big dogs. Anyone and Everyone with any critical medical problem in the entire state seems to get shipped/flown/rushed to this hospital. (And, I might add... it all happened within 60 minutes... :) just kidding. ) Apparently, Shock Trauma Center (STC) is considered the "Mecca of Trauma Centers". Whoa. The nights that TLC has the Trauma Marathons are the nights that I get no sleep whatsoever. This definetely qualifies as an obsession. I just want to learn everything. Now.

flamingweasel, I saw that one, and the guy lived!!! I thought that was crazy. Anyway, I guess we all know not to look for you on everything2 while Trauma is on, huh?
We'd make fun of my mom. She'd leave the room as the clock struck 8...."Where you going, mom?" "Oh," she'd say, "it's time for Trauma." "Ewww," everyone would say. "That's such a gory/weird/scary show," we'd say as she walked upstairs.

Then, one night, I was housesitting. Having watched the movie I'd rented too many times already, I sat idly flipping around the channels.


Lots of it. A guy was being wheeled into the CAT scan. I did a double take. The man had a 6 inch bowie knife embedded

to the hilt

in his HEAD.

Needless to say, after that I was hooked.

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