An 212-page epic comics work by Keno Don Rosa, written and drawn in 1991-1993 and published in Egmont's comics magazines.

I have to say that, as a collection of stories, is one of the greatest, detailed and entertaining Disney comics series ever made. Don Rosa based the stories on everything written by Carl Barks. The stories have just about every factoid about Scrooge's past that Carl Barks put in his stories. It also has some references to some other artist's works, including his own, but it is above all a Barks fact collection because most of the other facts are more or less apocryphal.

They took the wealth of detail of Barks' work, as well as his authority, and gave it to writer/artist who understands the tiniest of the details turns the story into a massive, detailed whole. So, if you are looking for Scrooge McDuck's biography, this is just about the best there is.

The 12 stories cover Scrooge's life from his birth in 1867 to the day after the night at the Bear Mountain in 1947.

Don Rosa won the Will Eisner Comics Industry Award for Best Serialized Story in 1995 for this gigantic work of his.

(Needless to say that the comics, as well as the book version, was insanely popular in Finland. It might be worth noting that in some countries the first two parts were not released in magazines, only in the book.)

The Last of the Clan McDuck
(1867-1880) Scrooge's first dime
The Master of Mississippi
(1880-1882) Scrooge goes to America to work for Pothole McDuck on a river boat
The Buckaroo of the Badlands
(1882-1883) Scrooge's pitiful attempt to be a cowboy
The Raider of the Copper Hill
(1883-1885) Scrooge finds copper in Montana, and due to some obscure law, becomes owner of a copper mine for about a day...
The New Laird of Castle McDuck
(1885) ...only to pay off the land debt of the castle in Scotland and meet the dead ancestors really close.
The Terror of Transvaal
(1886-1889) Scrooge's journeys in South Africa...
The Dreamtime Duck of Never-Never
(1889-1896) ...and Australia.
The King of Klondike
(1896-1897) The famous and most profitful gold rush, the dig at White Agony Creek, the gigantic gold nugget...
The Billionaire of Dismal Downs
(1898-1902) Scrooge returns to Scotland and tries to remember the roots...
The Invader of Fort Duckburg
(1902) note that was not his place, so he goes to Calisota - this tell how the money bin came to be and Duckburg became important.
The Richest Duck in the World
(1902-1930) Scrooge gets richer. And bitter. And lonely. And nasty. And destructive. And followed by a zombie, which probably helps him to come to senses.
The Recluse of McDuck Manor
(1947) Everyone had but forgotten the old rich duck, but this is how he got back the inspiration.

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