A track from Moxy Früvous' concert album Live Noise, in which the band gives the audience a geography quiz.

The question is: Of the highest points of each of the 50 United States, which is the lowest?

The answer accepted during the concert was Delaware (442ft at Ebright Azimuth). This is wrong -- Florida's highest point, Britton Hill (on the Panhandle, near Lakewood, at 345ft), is the lowest highest point in the US. Delaware is #2, and would be #3 if Washington DC became a state (Fort Reno, 429ft).

The Fruvous FAQ points out that:

  1. The question was based on a Trivial Pursuit card;
  2. According to the Moxy Früvous FAQ, what Delaware actually has is the lowest mean elevation;
  3. The nation with the Lowest Highest Point is Maldives (q.v.).

  SOURCE of geographic data: http://www.americasroof.com/usa.shtml

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