One of the greatest science fiction magazines today. Fantasy and Science Fiction allows you to read good stories from new authors in both science fiction and fantasy. Like any magazine, the work is of varying quality, but I have never read a magazine that had nothing of value in it. Stories in Fantasy and Science fiction are often slightly experimental, and explore new areas of science fiction and fantasy. The magazine also seems to take a very non-homophobic stance, though this is becoming popular throughout the genre. It pleases me to see that science fiction is still ahead in social issues.

Fantasy and Science Fiction recently celebrated its 50th anniversary. If you can get your hands on the October/November issue from 1999, I highly recommend it. It's 320 pages, and has a lot of great material from Lucius Shepard, Ursala K. Le Guin, Robert Silverberg, Kate Wilhelm, Terry Bisson, Harlan Ellison, Ron Goulart, Theodore Sturgeon, Jonathon Carrol, Poul Anderson, Howard Waldrop, Robert Sheckley, Gene Wolfe, Carol Emshwiller, Judith Merril, Ray Bradbury, and Gregory Benford.

F&SF is the most "literary" of the three major speculative fiction magazines (Asimov's, Analog and F&SF). It is also slightly larger than Asimov's and Analog, both in page size and thickness.

The Magazine of Fantasy & Science Fiction was founded in 1949 and edited by Gordon Van Gelder. Subscriptions are currently $29.97 for 11 issues (one double-size issue). In addition to the fiction authors listed above, regular columns are:

  • Editorial - Gordan Van Gelder
  • Books to Look For - Charles de Lint
  • Books - Elisabeth Hand, Robert Killheffer, James Sallis, or Douglas E. Winter
  • Musing on Books - Michelle West
  • Scientist's Notebook - Gregory Benford and Elisabeth Malartre
  • Curiosities - various writers
  • Films - Kathi Maio
  • Plumage from Pegasus - Paul di Filippo
  • various cartoons

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