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A ska band based in Vancouver, BC, the Malchiks (named for the Nadsat word for a young man in A Clockwork Orange) are: Scott Moil as lead singer; Frank Henville (the author of most of the band's original songs) on various instruments; Marc Helson on guitar; Mike Jaworski on bass; Jason DaSilva on keyboard and funkamaphone; Marc Laliberte on drums; Nick Bradley and Erik Oun on trombone; Geoff Dear, Mark Geuvarra and J. Havelaar on trumpet; Lawrence Chew on alto sax; and Mark Follett on tenor sax, with occasion author credit from The International Crack Head Association of Canada.

Famous for their funky and extremely danceable ska tunes, their heavy drinking while on tour, and for their lead singer's tendency to strip down to his boxers on stage, the Malchiks made their CD debut in 1998 with Skavant-Garde. In 1999 they toured across Canada, but remain heavily tied to the Vancouver music scene.

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