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Warning! This is a joke. I didn't copy and paste it (so, IMHO it has some merit) but if you're not interested in reading a (really rather funny) joke you should probably move on now.
Ok, so there's this monkey in the jungle. One day he uses a stone to shape and sharpen two bits of wood into eating utensils. One has a sharp edge, you and I would describe it as a rather crude knife. The monkey, having a rather limited vocabulary, calls it his one point tool.
The other bit of wood is crafted into a pronged utensil, which you or I might call a fork. The monkey thinks of it as his four point tool.

The monkey is very happy with these utensils, and they make mealtimes far easier. Rather than tearing at this dinner, he now dines gracefully, with the elegance of a gentleman. Some days, he briefly toys with the idea of crafting a third tool, to grip and use with his prehensile tail, but figures that two tools are probably enough. The four point tool holds the food still, while the one point tool effortlessly cuts through it. What more could a monkey need?

One day, the monkey wakes up with an odd feeling. Sure enough, a quick search of his home revels that one of the tools is missing! The treasured four point tool! Immediately, the monkey rushes out into the jungle to investigate.

Straight away, the monkey goes to the elephants house. Elephants never forget, thinks the monkey, so if he did see anyone stealing my four point tool last night, he'll remember who it was.
"Did you see anyone last night carrying a bit of wood with four points on the end?" asks the monkey.
The elephant just shakes his big wrinkly head, no.

Next, the monkey visits his friend the sloth. The sloth is always hanging around the jungle, so is quite likely to have seen the culprit.
"Did you see anyone last night carrying a bit of wood with four points on the end?" pleads the monkey.
The sloth says nothing, but slowly slowly shakes his head, no.

Despondent now, the monkey wanders home. On the way, a jaguar zooms past.
"STOP" screeches the monkey. "Did you see anyone last night carrying a bit of wood with four points on the end?"
"Oh. Was that yours?"
asks the jaguar.

The monkey, feeling nervous, says "Yes! Where is it?"
"Oh, I ate it"

The monkey can hardly believe his ears.
"You ate it?! Why?"
"Well isn't it obvious?"
"No! Tell me why"
"Well, I'm a four point tool eater jaguar"

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