2018 Dec 4

10 minutes: I get in the car and

I back it out of the parking slot. Heading to the house again.

I know what to expect there.

Well, I know what is most likely to be there, based on past experience. But that is no guarantee of anything. The probability of other things might be quite low, but they are still nonzero.

Even if I've never seen a purple elephant in my life before, that doesn't rule out the possibility of one being at the house. The probablity is just incredibly low. The same applies to anything else I might see or find at the house.

Everything unexpected has a nonzero probability. Low but nonzero. Even a dragon could be at the house. Very unlikely considering they're the stuff of fairy tales, but not impossible for one to be waiting for me there. Just highly improbable.

The highway whizzes by me. On automatic pilot. I know the roads like the back of my hand. Navigating between cars comes like instinct, without conscious thought. Instead I'm thinking about dragons at the house. My mind is gone again.

Other things might be at the house besides the usual, and besides dragons. Slightly more likely than dragons might be people who do not know my address. Just because I never told them where I live, that doesn't mean they can't find out using other methods. As for the reason they'd be at the house, it might be anything, each with their own low probabilities, different and nonzero.

I'm prepared for surprises, though not expecting them.

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