Before Christian sets out for the Delectable Mountains, Discretion, Piety, Prudence, and Charity fully outfit him in armor. On his way out, he learns that his old neighbor, Faithful, passed by the palace earlier and should be at the foot of the hill by now.

from The Pilgrim's Progress by John Bunyan:

(Christian sets forward)
Now he bethought himself of setting forward, and they were willing he should. "But first", said they, "let us go again into the armoury." (Christian sent away armed.) So they did; and when they came there, they harnessed him from head to foot with what was of proof, lest, perhaps, he should meet with assaults in the way. He being, therefore, thus accoutred, walketh out with his friends to the gate, and there he asked the porter if he saw any pilgrims pass by. Then the porter answered, "Yes."

CHR. Pray, did you know him? said he.

POR. I asked him his name, and he told me it was Faithful.

CHR. Oh, said Christian, I know him; he is my townsman, my near neighbour; he comes from the place where I was born. How far do you think he may be before?

POR. He is got by this time below the hill.

(How Christian and the Porter greet at parting)
CHR. Well, said Christian, good Porter, the Lord be with thee, and add to all thy blessings much increase, for the kindness that thou hast showed to me.

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