After Christian abandons his pilgrimage, he climbs Mount Sinai to seek Mr. Legality's house to inquire about acquiring residence in the town of Morality and advice to ease his burden. However, as he ascends, the hill seems so high and his burden, heavier. He fears an overhanging portion of the mountain will fall onto him and freezes in panic.

from The Pilgrim's Progress by John Bunyan:

(Christian afraid that Mount Sinai would fall on his head)
So Christian turned out of his way to go to Mr. Legality's house for help; but, behold, when he was got now hard by the hill, it seemed so high, and also that side of it that was next the wayside did hang so much over, that Christian was afraid to venture further, lest the hill should fall on his head; wherefore there he stood still and wotted not what to do. Also his burden now seemed heavier to him than while he was in his way. There came also flashes of fire out of the hill, that made Christian afraid that he should be burned. Ex. 19:16,18 Here, therefore, he sweat and did quake for fear. Heb. 12:21

When Christians unto carnal men give ear,
Out of their way they go, and pay for 't dear;
For Master Worldly Wiseman can but shew
A saint the way to bondage and to woe.

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