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Prisoner of Ice was the second Lovecraft-influenced (and officially Chaosium-licensed) adventure games made by Infogrames (The Shadow of the Comet was the first).

This time the story is little more far-fetched than the previous, which was quite standard New England Lovecraft stuff. The story most reminiscent of this game is At the Mountains of Madness, as it is the only Lovecraft story set in Antarctis.

Player is an American naval officer on a British submarine, which has found something - monsters prisoned in ice (I think the Nazis had found them, but then had faced some accident and died or something like that). While carrying them away for closer investigation, bad things happen. The submarine takes hit and is damaged and also the ice covering the monsters starts to melt...

There it starts and things just get worse. Player gets to visit a library in Argentina to see the fabled Necronomicon and ends up in Nazi prison. There's time travel and everything. The plot is a nice mixture of Cthulhu Mythos and Indiana Jones. There's some neat surprises included, but I won't spoil them.

The game is good, better than it's prequel. However, I prefer the really Lovecraftian plot over this one. Anyhow, I recommend that you check this one out.

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