There are a number of theories circulating amongst the QAnon world suggesting that Donald Trump is still actively President of the United States. In some versions, Joe Biden was arrested for various crimes and is currently the subject of a secret trial being held somewhere, while the Oval Office is being manned by a lookalike, possibly a clone, under Trump's direction. Another theory has the actual Biden still in the White House, but forced to work under Trump's direction.

And then there is the Face/Off theory, that Trump himself is still the one in the Oval Office, and had plastic surgery to look just like Joe Biden, with the "real" Joe Biden again being in prison somewhere. Something like in that critically acclaimed John Travolta/Nicolas Cage star vehicle, though I haven't yet seen it proposed, precisely, that their faces were actually physically surgically exchanged. And yes, there are it seems people who seriously espouse this belief, as surely as they believe that John F. Kennedy Jr. still lives and will be Trump's running mate in the 2024 Presidential Election.

But this theory raises some questions (for which its claimants stand ready with some answers).

Who is showing up as Donald Trump at rallies and such while Trump is impersonating Biden? Obviously a well-prepped Donald Trump impersonator.

Trump is much heavier than Biden, so where did Trump's extra weight go, since Biden is much thinner? Aha!! You're assuming Trump really ever had any extra weight, instead of having been in a fat suit throughout his presidency to prepare for just such an event.

How is Trump able to copy Biden's voice and mannerisms and vocubulary, and get over on Jill Biden and all of Biden's friends and family and staff? That's simply how brilliant and skillful Trump is.

If Trump is still in the Oval Office why is he rolling back his former policies, and isn't he then responsible for actions by Biden which Trump supporters have lambasted (such as the Afghanistan withdrawal and unconstitutionally pushing vaccines)? Because Trump is impersonating Biden he has to make policy moves replicating Biden's rhetoric/socialistic tendencies to avoid arousing suspicion.

If the current Biden is really Trump, shouldn't Trump supporters be voting for "Biden" in the next election? No no no because voting for Trump in 2024 will mean that Trump as Trump gets to return to the White House for another full term.

If the current Biden is really Trump, isn't Trump legally barred from running again in 2024 due to term limits? No, because legally Biden is President, and anyway Trump is entitled to a third term as President due to various things the Democrats did against him during his divinely appointed Presidency anyway.

And so it goes. Happy holidays!!

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