The rhinestone sea
Does nothing for me
The light that it shines is so empty.
It shines like a star
From so far away
Tempts from afar
With all that I crave.
I clutch at its glitter
But I grasp only air.
In the rhinestone sea I found despair.
It calls out
The rule we live by
‘Til the moment we die:
Follow the thrills.
But the rhinestone sea does not fulfill.
I chase it down
Just to turn around;
What I sought I never found.
And what is more,
Wherever I go
It follows me:
All I can see is the rhinestone sea.
I look everywhere
In the vast expanse
Of the glitter amid its sunlit dance.
Wonder where
Somewhere out there
There surely must be
A diamond among the rhinestone sea.

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