From the Scots Confession:

Chapter 23 - To Whom Sacraments Appertain

We hold that baptism applies as much to the children of the faithful as to those who are of age and discretion, and so we condemn the error of the Anabaptists, who deny that children should be baptized before they have faith and understanding. But we hold that the Supper of the Lord is only for those who are of the household of faith and can try and examine themselves both in their faith and their duty to their neighbors. Those who eat and drink at that holy table without faith, or without peace and goodwill to their brethren, eat unworthily. This is the reason why ministers in our Kirk* make public and individual examination of those who are to be admitted to the table of the Lord Jesus.

* By kirk they mean church, according to the Oxford English Dictionary "the term `kirk' has often been opposed to `church' to distinguish the Church of Scotland from the Church of England, or from the Episcopal Church in Scotland".

Chapter 24

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