Title: The Space Between Us
Artist: Craig Armstrong
Release Date: 24/02/1998
Record Label: Melankolic

1. Weather Storm
2. This Love, featuring Liz Fraser
3. Sly II
4. After the Storm
5. Laura's Theme
6. My Father
7. Balcony Scene (Romeo and Juliet)
8. Rise
9. Glasgow
10. Let's Go Out Tonight, featuring Paul Buchanan
11. Childhood
12. Hymn

After having composed and arranged two tracks for Massive Attack's 1995 album, Protection, Craig Armstrong released his first solo album on the 24th of February 1998 to general critical acclaim. The album mixes Massive Attack's trip hop influences with Craig's own classical training, with beautiful results.

Weather Storm and Sly II are reworkings of the two tracks Craig contributed to Protection, and Balcony Scene is taken directly from the score, composed by Craig, of the Baz Luhrmann film, Romeo and Juliet.

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