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The spectres are a psychobilly/rockabilly band with some punk influences. They formed in April of 1997. Their first show was sy Gibson's in 1997 in Seattle, WA. They opened for Demented Are Go, who are infamous in the psychobilly scene.

Three guys make up the spectres: Austin (double bass), Jesse(guitar, vocals), and J.R.(drums).

Their first album was Rubber Room Rock (1998). This album was awesome, and it was followed by two others: Blood Sweat & Nitro (2000), and The Great Erotic Zombie Shakedown (2003).

The bands sound is unique, yet it sounds similar to many psychobilly bands you will hear to day. They have a tendency for some of their songs to be fast and upbeat, then others to be slow and calm, yet with the words of a serial killer.

Go see the spectres at a venue near you!

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