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Title: The World of Human Vision - Return of the Hero
Some time ago, in an unspecified era, our story begins
For 500 years, demons tyrannized the world of human vision with omnipresent control.
The demons competed among themselves, and the winner set the rules for domineering the world of human vision while human beings paid a high price for their enjoyment.

In the midst of all the chaos, the people began to pray for the arrival of the mysterious knight, whom legend had it would end the strife and rejuvenate the visual world.
And so it happened that a mysterious knight - Xabre - did appear at this time. He understood the people's suffering under the demons' tyranny. He knew what the people needed and secretly began breeding a magical steed that could race across the sky.
During his quest, he also found three lost sacred stones - Pixelizer Engine, Software Shader and Frictionless Memory Control, each with wondrous powers.
With these treasures, Xabre entered the forest of visual fantasy bordering the land of the demons, where he discovered the 8X8 twin sword. The one-and-only twin sword in the world was stuck in a cold and hard rock so big that no ordinary human being could pull it out.
Xabre knew that without this magical weapon he would not be able to defeat the demons. And so he gathered all the wisdom and power of the people and withdrew the sword from the rock.

Then, without hesitation, he went into the demons' land and defeated them one by one to create a new visual paradise for the people.

According to video card chipset Xaber's web site (www.xaber.com), this is all you need to know about it (spelling, grammar, formatting, engrish and all). While the first video card utilizing a Xaber chipset has been tested and benchmarks somewhat better than its price-equivalent GeForce, I don't buy the author's (humorously unintentional) implication that their technology is sufficiently advanced.

Perhaps the real reason for this corny description (besides a bizarre assumption that only pre-teens buy video cards for gaming) is that it de-emphasizes the fact that the Xaber chipset is made by SiS -- a video card chipset maker which has never been a friend to all children (or anyone else desiring to play games with their products).

I felt the need to preserve this block of text for perhaps the same reason that your mother keeps all those naked baby pictures of you. After all, someday Xaber will be all grown up. SiS will hire some native english speaker to write the copy for the the web site and next thing you know it will be all pin-stripes and shiny black leather shoes for Xaber.

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