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The Three Fettered Men of the Island of Britain:

And this is why those men were called Fettered: because horses could not be obtained that were suited to them, owing to their size; so they put fetters of gold around the small of their legs, on the cruppers of their horses, behind their backs; and two golden plates under their knees, and because of this the knee is called 'knee-pan'.)

"The imaginative explanation is from the White Book version. The original meaning may be 'torqued.' The word is Hualavc and elsewhere hual has been interpreted as the torque worn by a chief prince."--Jeff Davies.

Cadwaladr is a historical king.

Rhun is the son of Maelgwn Gwynedd, who had Elphin ap Gwyddno held in prison, as recounted in the Hanes Taliesin.

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