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The Thrills are:
Conor Deasy - vocals
Daniel Ryan - guitar/vocals/bass
Ben Carrigan - drums
Kevin Horan - keys
Padraic McMahon - bass/vocals/guitars
All the band members are currently 23-years old.

The Thrills were formed some five years ago but have only just become famous, even though they told their parents that it would and had happened a long time ago. The Thrills started out with Conor and Daniel, later they drafted in schoolfriends Kevin and Ben adding Padraic later on to finish the line-up of the band. Thier main influences are: Frank Sinatra, The Band, Marvin Gaye and Stevie Wonder.

For the first couple of years the Dublin born band spent their time learning how to be good musicians, they wrote songs and practiced at each others houses. Then in 1999 they formed a plan and relocated to San Diego for the summer. Their summer was spent song-writing, have a laugh and doing, basically, what boys do. When they got back to Dublin things had changed, they were no longer the same people they were when they left, they knew what they wanted and they were going to get it!

'We're all obsessed by music. That's all we ever talk about.'
- Daniel Ryan

The band signed a deal with a local label, Supremo, in 2001. They started to transfer all their sunshine days and dreams from that summer to make their debut album - 'So Much for the City.' So finally The Thrills were well on there way when horror struck, things weren't going too well with Supremo and they parted ways. This caused little problems though because by the summer of 2002 The Thrills were well known, word was getting around.

Record labels started throwing money and record deals at them and finally they signed with Virgin because they simply said the 'vibe felt right'. So now with their debut album out and in the shops the Thrills have really fallen on their feet.

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