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Type: Live Album
Artist: In Flames
Total Running Time: 1:00:32
Studio: Nuclear Blast Records

Track listing:

  01. Bullet Ride               4:41   (Clayman)
  02. Embody The Invisible      3:42   (Colony)
  03. Jotun                     3:33   (Whoracle)
  04. Food For The Gods         4:24   (Whoracle)
  05. Moonshield                4:25   (The Jester Race)
  06. Clayman                   3:36   (Clayman)
  07. Swim                      3:21   (Clayman)
  08. Behind Space              3:52   (Lunar Strain)
  09. Only For The Weak         4:31   (Clayman)
  10. Gyroscope                 3:25   (Whoracle)
  11. Scorn                     3:50   (Colony)
  12. Ordinary Story            4:15   (Colony)
  13. Pinball Map               4:33   (Clayman)
  14. Colony                    4:47   (Colony) 
  15. Episode 666               3:37   (Whoracle) 

The latest In Flames album, released in 2001. As the title of the album suggests, this is a live recording from a show in Japan following the release of their latest "real" album, Clayman. As an In Flames fan, I found the album to be well worth the $15. The quality of the recording is exceptional, and the crowd noise is kept to a minimum (which has some humorously adverse effects on some of the tracks where the audience is invited to sing along). The vocals sound a lot "cleaner" as vocal distortion is not as exaggerated as it is on their studio albums. The CD starts off strong with "Bullet Ride," which happens to have some nice improvisational stuff thrown in during the climactic guitar solo. "Jotun" is great too, as it's played at a much faster tempo than the "Whoracle" studio recorcing. Much to my dismay, they omit one of my favorite parts of the original recording (listen at around 1:26 to see what I mean).

Other notably awesome tracks include "Swim," "Gyroscope," "Pinball Map," "Colony," and "Episode 666" (which may be the most affected by the minimal crowd noise).

Whoohoo! In Flames is going on tour in April 2002! See www.inflames.com for dates.

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