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The Transformers: Headmasters comics
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Title:         Brothers in Armor!!
Issue:         4
Released:      January 1988
Pages:         21

Writer:        Bob Budiansky
Pencils:       Frank Springer
Inks:          Ian Akin & Brian Garvey
Lettering:     Jack Morelli
Coloring:      Nel Yomtov
Editor:        Don Daley
EditorInChief: Tom De Falco

#4 In a Four Issue Limited Series
Enter: The Targetmasters!

The surviving Autobots become Targetmasters and attempt to defend the nursery, but retreat after the nursey is badly damaged. The Decepticons duplicate the Targetmaster technology. Zarak frees the prisoners before the power completely clouds his mind. The Decepticons are defeated, and the Autobots leave for Earth, knowing the Decepticons will follow them. Nebulos returns to peace and must rebuild their savaged planet, as well as come to terms with what happened.

"Only by leaving will Zarak and I get what we always wanted -- a safe, peaceful Nebulos." - Galen


  • This is the last issue of the four-issue limited series, but joins the ongoing story arc in the regular Transformers series at issue 38. The next link in the navigation system above denotes this join, and not a continuance of the series.

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