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Undetectable!   Foolproof!   Re-usable!

The Whizzinator is a prosthetic, life-like penis that dispenses urine just like the real thing. Strap the Whizzinator on, fill the reservoir with clean "urine" and pass your next supervised urine analysis!

Developed by Puck Technologies of Signal Hill, California, the Whizzinator comes in a variety of skin tones: white, tan, Latino, brown and black. Each penis is approximately 4" long and appears to be circumcised.

The Whizzinator consists of an elastic belt that is worn around the waist and two elastic straps that connect to the belt around the legs - much like a jock strap. Attached to the belt is a clear plastic reservoir that will hold the "urine" against the user's body and allow it to warm to body temperature. The bag also sports a LCD thermometer strip so the user can tell if the "urine" is at the right temperature.

Below the reservoir is the prosthetic penis and a short tube terminated by a screw-on cap for filling the bag.

At the base of the penis is a "clip value" that prevents the urine from escaping through the "penis". Ensure the value is closed before filling the reservoir.

Usage - Preparation
1) Dissolve the vial of dehydrated urine in 80cc of water. According to the manufacturer, it takes approximately 1 hour for the "urine" to reach body temperature when strapped against the abdomen, so if you're in a hurry use warm water.
2) Load the syringe with the "urine" and fill the reservoir bag. Repeat until all 80cc of liquid is used. Do not overfill.
3) Strap on the Whizzinator and position it so the end of the prosthetic penis is approximately at the same place your own cobra would hang.

Usage - The Test
4) Unzip and whip it out. Pinch the "head" of the penis with one hand, while opening the "clip valve" with the other. Puck Technologies acknowledges that opening the value may cause a "slight snap" and they suggest users cover the sound with a cough or clearing of the throat.
5) Release the pinch on the penis and "urinate" into the cup.
6) Pass the test and keep the noses of government and corporate America out of your bodily fluid.

The Complete Kit includes:
1 Whizzinator
1 Instruction manual
2 heater packs
1 Filling syringe
1 vial of dehydrated urine

Heat Packs
The heat packs can be used to warm the "urine" prior to use. Each pack will maintain a temperature of 98-100 degrees for at least 8 hours. If users choose to use a heat pack, it is suggested that they attach it to the side of the bag not touching the skin. Failure to do so may result in the user performing an amusing dance and wheezing "that's hot! owwy! that's hot!".

Dehydrated Urine
The Complete Kit includes one vial of dehydrated human urine. Puck Technologies also sells dehydrated urine separately, so stock up. The urine is guaranteed to pass full spectrum urinalysis, Ames Multistix, EMIT and gas chromatography methods.

Pricing All prices are in US dollars.
The Whizzinator - $150
Dehydrated urine - $12
Heat pack - $1
*Prices do not include shipping.
**A number of shipping options are available, including overnight delivery so your can make it through those surprise tests.


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