A private school located in Philadelphia, founded by William Penn himself in 1689. As it was founded by Penn, the school follows the principles of Quakerism. Despite it's motto, "Good Instruction Is Better Than Riches", the cost of being able to attend is at least 5 figures a year.

A K-12 school, the student body is less than 1,000, and, for the most part, is composed of rich white kids, including some so dumb that the smarter students question on a daily basis why they haven't been expelled. Though one would think that such a school focuses on academics only, Penn Charter holds the record for longest scholastic rivalry with Germantown Academy. Despite this, the drama and music programs are excellent.

Over the 01-02 school year, a new addition in the Richard B. Fischer Middle School was constructed. So, starting in September 2002, the Upper Schoolers will have the run of the Main Building.

Official Site: www.penncharter.com

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