The Willy Game is a slightly juvenile game but is none the less extremely amusing. In some cases it might be beneficial to imbibe a little alcohol before beginning. This is invented in England so I am not sure how well it will work in other English speaking countries - in case this is unclear - willy is a funny word.

The idea of the game is to replace words from film titles with the word Willy. For example, the film "The Neverending Story" becomes "The Neverending Willy". After this everyone laughs and racks their brains for another film that will make an interesting title. Films titles made up of only one word are always just "Willy" which is no good. The film "Free Willy" (which already sounds like someone playing this game) becomes "Willy Willy".

If you are not practiced in using the word "willy" you could use a different word which you find amusing - this however is an untested feature.

Update (Sept. 2002):My Big Fat Greek Wedding (nuff said)

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