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My father's not a very smart man. Actually, there are days when I believe there must be something wrong with him. Yet, he continues to go to work every day, doing what he's good at, and avoiding the plethora of activities for which he lacks the capacity. My father has the audacity to believe that he's just a normal person.

I've been told many times that my father grew up as the stupid one in his family. Sure, he tried to match up with his siblings, but in the end it never seemed to be enough. He was destined to be a postal worker, or maybe go into construction. Certainly he wouldn't make anything of himself.

Somehow, despite this, he came to own his own company, find someone to marry, and finally have children. He succeeded in all of these ventures, despite having to work harder than everyone else. Sure, my father doesn't understand the modern world that surrounds him. He doesn't trust ATMs, thinks the internet is a fad, and couldn't do an ounce of advanced mathematics if his life depended on it. But incredibly, he had the audacity of hope, and was able to fulfill his dreams.

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