The first flower of spring, or the flower of hope, is a symbol of new beginnings, renewal and rebirth, and is used as a logo in campaigns by the American and Canadian cancer societies to symbolise hope for the future. Plastic badges of the flower, usually the daffodil, are sold in season to aid the charities. The daffodil is the most popular flower for this title, though sometimes crocuses and lesser celandines are also similar symbols.

An old wives' tale about the first flower of spring goes as follows:

If the flower is found on a...
Monday - good fortune is approaching.
Tuesday - success will be achieved in higher goals.
Wednesday - wedding bells will ring.
Thursday - opportunities for small profits will soon arise.
Friday - wealth is heading your way.
Saturday - consider yourself warned.
Sunday - you are guaranteed great fortune over a long period.

(memory jarred by Everyone's Book of Fate and Fortune)

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