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Pre-teen ritual, continuing often well into college. More a conversational gambit than a real game, it's perhaps due to questions about puberty than anything else, but as that loses its interest, other subjects begin to pop up. As I remember, it's best played with a variety of kids -- all girls or boys of one age just don't have as varied an experience. Each of the people in the circle has to tell something that Doesn't Get Talked About. In my family, one of the best ways (outside of playing cards) to kill that awkward latter half of a family gathering where the adults are drinking and talking, and the food, presents, ceremonies, dogpiling on each other...all the fun parts are exhausted.

Top subjects: Sex, including pregnancy and birth (and how it feels), Drugs ( illegal, legal highs, etc.), Strange Bodily Sensations (how to vomit, sneeze, faint, etc. at will), Tricks with the Telephone (strange recordings, basic phreaking, etc.), Death (imaginative ways to kill someone,suicide, autopsies, sensations, ghosts), Torture, and so forth. Kudos points go for a)something that most people don't know and b) being striking or interesting in your explanation.

Something like Everything, eh?

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