1. n. The last of a series (as of events or indignities) that brings one beyond the point of endurance. From the proverb "It's the last straw that breaks the camel's back."
  2. n. (idiom) The final annoyance, disappointment, misfortune or setback, which even though minor, makes one lose patience, temper, trust or hope. Also: last straw, the final straw
Source information: Merriam-Webster, 1848.

Don't bother asking for purity of past
In this age, the first straw is also the last
Forgiveness is a luxury unsold in this land
A dog may lick while man bites that same hand
So get serious about faith or plan to soon lose it
Don't dream either way that the corners will fit
Since religion escaped its predicted demise
We'll need to embrace the storybook lies
In order to turn them to our own sighted ends
Where the theological river twists and bends
And think real hard about the message it sends
To those who dwell along the disputed climb
Where the ranked theologians only work part-time
And the masses are not yet conned to submit
To the fountains of lies and the volumes of shit
That guide our dull feet on the shifting sand
Where dogma's for sale and hot on demand
So don't bother asking for purity of past
In our time, the first straw is also the last

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