The mind is like a train station.
Your ideas are trains. Your thoughts are passengers.
The trains come in, one by one. A train comes in and then it stops, but only for a little while.
It loads up with random passengers.
And soon enough - it leaves. Without a trace. Making room for another train to come in.

8:20 Berlin
9:40 Florence
10:11 Valencia

And you try to make sure, that they all come in on different rails.
Incoming train 1. Incoming train 2.
You push a lever.
Train 1 went to platform A. Train 2 went to platform B.
You do this, because otherwise the station would become a mess and bad things would happen.
And you make sure that they don't all come in at once, because there wouldn't be enough room.
And sometimes you make sure that no trains would come at all. It's more peaceful that way.

And then, every once in a while.. you get tired. Keeping track of all those trains. All the time.
It gets exhausting.
And so you take a break. You stop pushing the levers.
You take a moment to relax and sit down. Just watch them go in & out.

And they crash & burn.
You sit and watch that beautiful view. And you feel completely calm.
Because you know, that in a few moments, all of it - the fire, the wreckage, the passengers screaming inside - all of it, will be completely gone.
New trains will be coming in. And you'll go back to your levers. Business as usual.

You watch as the trains leave the station, disappearing in the distance.
One moment they are here, the next one they're gone.
And you take comfort in the fact, that no matter how many trains have come and gone, there will always be another train coming in. And another one after that. And another one after that.
And it gives you an artificial feeling of safety.

And then you think to yourself - how awesome would it be, to just jump in one of them, without looking at the destination.
And see where it takes you.


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