I noticed you while I was standing in line for coffee. I noticed you several times actually, but I don't like to stare. You seemed so pensive, so serious I did not come over and talk to you, but I wanted you to know that you are a fascinating person to look at, to watch.

You do not so much sit there with your magazine as perch. It seems you are on the edge of the booth, like a cultured woman riding side saddle. When I watched you I could not help but notice so many small details. Your new shoes, so bright they set off sparks. Lipstick, dark red-burgundy and rouge that sets off your cheekbones. Dark brown eyes set on the page- I never saw you look up. (Did that mean you knew you were being watched or that you did not want to appear watched?)

As I got my coffee and moved away I had the feeling of being in Europe on a train, between stations in a country far away from what is familiar to me. What would I say to such a person, who does not know me or my language?

Pardon me, do you know English? Do you know the word infatuated?

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