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Music has the power to effect people in many ways. To some it has a physical effect like making them get up and dance and to others it has such a profound emotional effect that it can even bring people to tears.

Sounds tracks seem to have an imense effect on people because not only is it the actual sounds but it is also a picture that goes with it.

Take for example the movie braveheart. I know what your about to say what the hell am I talking about, that movie was all blood and guts it stirred peoples stomachs more than their emotions. However I would like you to consider this.

Those battle scenes granted it is a lot of blood and gore however try watching it with the volume off.... Just one or two scenes you find that without all the sound and music it is lacking violence in that context just isnt as exciting with out the music and sounds to back it up, it bring in the energy and drive into the conflict that makes the scean worth watching.

We will stick with the same movie however here is a part that does actually sway your emotions and might actually cause some people to cry. The end of the movie where they tie him to the cross and start ripping his guts out in an oblivious rite or purification. In the middle of this scene he see's his dead wife in the crowd signifing that he is close to death. Now again watch this scene without the music then if you can just listen to the music alone and then put them both together in the movie and see if each one had a different effect on you. Personally the movie without the sound and music wasent very emotionally sturing for me and the music alone sounded sweet to the ear however when I put both of them together it almost made me cry.

A few sound tracks that greatly enhanced the movie and got the action going were the matrix and an older movie hackers. Both soundtracks are all electronic music which just gets people movin. Wether it gets them up and dancing or moving in their seat this music just triggers something in people which makes it so they cant keep themselves still. With music from groups like orbital, rob zombie, prodigy, chemnical brothers and more these groups keep the action in the movie and people movin.

I suggest just trying this with movies you like and see how each one effects you. Watch the movie with the sound off then if you can just listen to the soundtrack and finally watch the movie normally. and notice what each experience does to ya. If its a movie you really like and have seen a lot then even if you turn off the volume you should still be able to have the dialog running though your head. Hell you might even be able to recite it.

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