The day was warm. The sky brilliant. The white fleshed apples were crisp so I shared them with you. You were lying on the quilt building castles in the sky. Sun warmed air carried the scent of your collar to me. You held my foot the way a bride holds her bouquet. I unlaced your shoes while you rolled my stockings down. Your hands were swift and sure. Yesterday I learned what a kiss can be.

Our half-eaten apple fell to the quilt. We drank of each other and feasted on love. For me the day was complete but for you it had just begun. Hidden secrets tumbled forward. Your eyes were bright when you told me of the house you had looked at. My hair fell around us when you pulled my scarf out. You tied it pirate-like around your head after I draped it over you.

I watched your clever hands twisted the silken square together. Hundreds of rose petals rained about us when you tossed my scarf in the air. The petals were softer than day old ducklings. I watched them fall like dreams from your hand. The rose strewn scarf reminds me of the blush on your cheeks when you proposed. I held your hand as we shared our sandwiches. The tea is sweet but it grows late.


I tied my hair back with the scarf my grandmother gave me. I' ve never worn it before but today it seems right. I twisted my pearl engagement ring around my finger still thinking about the day you proposed in the old apple orchard. You pulled the scarf from my hair as we laid down on the quilt together. I took a bite of your apple and smiled into your bright blue eyes.

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