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Light,  Light
The visible reminder of Invisible Light.




 Plagiarism  is a form of theft.   Citing sources, however, is a way to describe how the writer came to find certain words and where he found them.   So, know this: not every poet is a thief.   Also know I have committed petty theft of words and phrases several times- always leaving behind a note to the writer and then attributing the source.   Sources are not always inspirations- but often can be.  

The words can be a compass-  pointing us to True North,  or a nudge- sending us down a street we wouldn't normally walk.  No need to apologize for inspiration, because you can't choose what works- it either does- or it does not.   

When we listen to music and hear it- just the right note-  we remember it. When we see the perfect photo, we cannot forget it.  A single moment frozen in time stays that way.  Solid.  Fixed.    Embrace each and every piece of inspiration.   


Make them whole.  Make them yours. 

















O Light Invisible, we praise Thee!
Too bright for mortal vision.


T.S.EliotChoruses from The Rock

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