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Reality is defined by perception. The reality that I see is not the reality that you see. If you choose to see the world as a gray, dismal place, that's what you will see it as. However, happiness can be acheived if you merely choose to see the world as a good place. This is hard, but here's a few tips on how to do that:

1) Forget the past. We can either learn from our past, or we can dwell on it. Once you learn from it, you don't need to dwell on it anymore. So when things go wrong, figure out why and try to apply that to the now, forgetting what happened before.

2) Find the silver lining. Whether you see it or not, there's a silver lining to everything. The future holds a myriad of possibilities, and to say that something is bad is futile - you don't know what repercussions that event could have on the rest of the world. It's impossible to think so vastly, or so randomly, or so far into the future.

3) Find a reason to live. You have reasons to live all around you. Make sure that you never lose sight of those things you like to do. The worst feeling in the world is to walk around aimlessly, not wanting to die, but not wanting to live either.

4) If life gives you lemons, be content with the lemons. Lemons are our friends. Does making lemons into lemonade really make it that much better? At least you have lemons. There are some people out there who would kill to have lemons. And who knows, you might get lucky and strike up a bargain with those people for what you want. (Native Americans traded gold for simple, practical things when the Europeans first arrived in the Americas. Their trash was another's treasure.)

5) Express yourself. If your feelings build up too severely in depression, rage, etc., vent it. Find some way to explain it to someone else, or something of the sort. This node is actually my attempt at such a feat. I'm down in the dumps, but just writing this has made me realize that I can take it.

So remember... You are the master of the world, and that which you see is that which is, in your reality.

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