I awoke this morning to see the sun coming over the horizon, and realized that the world constantly shows its glory. That statement rushed through me like a ice cold wind, piercing my skin and making me realize where I was, and what I have been doing wrong.

For the last two years I have been living in Indiana, complaining about the lack of mountains, hiking trails, and various other natural things. Today I finally realized that when I had the mountains with me, I did not really notice them. When I had the hiking trails, I did not hike. Now here I am in Indiana, surrounded by great beauty and I have yet to notice it. I have the lakes, rivers, trees, and fields abundant to keep me close company, yet I slam the door on them.

I woke up this morning to find the sun's splintering rays illuminating my soul, and awakening the observative side of me. I realized the beauty around me, and basked in it's wondrous light! I marveled at the lakes, and land thanking God for it's greatness, then the truth came to me. It is not only the natural things, but the beauty created by others and the beauty within others that I have missed.

Today, I had the best day of my life...I saw great beauty...I ventured into a new world, and saw the beauty in all things! Today the winds whispered to me that "the world showed you its glory!" May you see it as well.

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