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What have I gone and done?
I guess it's typical, though.
      I'm usually so right in theory
      Usually so wrong in practice
That has to be the hard part.
Why Philosophy doesn't count for shit

Whose heart should I break?
Yours? Or mine? Or someone else's?
      In theory, I'd break someone else's.
      But, in practice it ends up being my own.
I've learned to pay close attention to that decision.
Because the pea's always under the other shell.

No, listen. Listen just one last time.
Look me in the eye this time. Just this once.
      In theory, I love you.
      In practice, I want my life back.
So do me a favor and tell me the secret.
How exactly did you manage to get it?

I got you into this, so...
I guess I ought to get you out, right?
      In theory, anyway.
      In practice, you can fuck off.
It's everyone for himself. Except me.
I don't care about myself. I swear. I swear.

It's getting so cold in here. The sun isn't warm.
It's spring, but the nights are getting longer.
      I'm on your side.
      And you're on mine.
I guess that makes us enemies, doesn't it?
I guess it does.

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