(This is not supposed to be poetry even if it probably qualifies... =)

The time runs forward.
There's no reason for that.

Things happen, like they've always done
Same things as always,
there's nothing new under the sun.
Same victories for different people,
Same injustice for different people.

Empires rise and fall
Citizens prosper and suffer.

The same Usenet,
The same flames,
The same old discussions =)
Yet I stay here for the same old reason:

...reason? What is the reason?
Who needs reasons?

What is my reason in the Usenet?
I want to discuss about things,
I'm not there for flames.
What is my quest in Everything?
To bring information for masses,
not to end up to GTKYN or crap like that.

I see people coming and going,
People with less patience than I have.
Great people, who come to enrich our lives,
yet run away when startled,
when flames grow bigger,
or bored,
for the lack of point.

But I tell you:
There is no point,
unless you make one.

At the end of this sentence,
I'll put a small "point", and
when I'm done with that,
there will be more of them ahead. =)

Don't wait for the fun.
Make the fun.

(Fare thee well, Locandez, even though the text wasn't aimed for you at all - Somehow, I've always wondered why the life online is always pointless, no matter how you look at it, but then again, is there a greater point anywhere for anything? I think not...)

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